The use of non-destructive systems and methodologies, allows to map the subsoil quickly and in situations of high complexity

Adastra Engineering is equipped with multichannel georadar, Earth resistivity meters, seismographs, and other non-destructive testing methodologies, suitable for investigating civil engineering structures. The systems allow rapid mapping of soil and subsoil properties in almost every condition.

  • Search large areas with reduced costs

  • High accuracy capacity

  • Prevent damage due to excavations

  • Non-destructive testing even in impervious areas


Valutazione rischio bellico residuo

Preliminary investigations for bomb risk assessment

Mappatura reti di sottoservizi nel sottosuolo con georadar

Underground utility network mapping

Valutazione sicurezza degli argini

Fluvial embankments assessment and testing

Collaudo diaframmi, iniezioni, tappi di fondo. Prove di carico

Testing of diaphragms, injections, and jet grouting

Indagini georadar pre-scavo

Pre-excavation surveys

Controllo di sottofondi e pavimentazioni stradali

Testing of road surfaces and pavements

Controllo di sottofondi, pilastri, pali e ponti

Non-destructive testing of foundations, bridges, pillars, and piles

Indagini su solai e strutture murarie, crepe infiltrazioni

Building structure surveys

Individuazione barre di armatura

Rebar identification

Ricerca di manufatti sepolti

Search for buried artifacts (cisterns, foundations, and masonry)